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Details University Webinars

We are hosting free, live Details University webinars where we'll walk through the standard courses in a group setting. Our hope is to bring together florists in learning discussions about our platform. It's never too early to plan for the future and if you've been curious about Details, this may be a perfect time to learn more and gear up for the fall season with some new tools in your bucket!

Check out the Course Descriptions below and register for any that you'd like!

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Description of Classes:

Getting Started with Samantha

During this Webinar we will show you:

  • The easy-to-use tools that the Details Flowers Software offers to help you manage floral events.
  • We will build an event together, with focus on our pre-loaded resource galleries, worksheet templates, and proposal themes.
  • How Details can assist in creating and presenting beautiful proposals.

Please feel free to bring a list of any questions and we will be happy to go over them with you! This is intended for those interested and getting started.

Details University I

During the first installment in the Details University series we will show you how to configure all the settings and defaults in your Details Flowers account. While this is primarily geared towards new customers, it's always good to review your settings and make sure everything is configured properly!

Details University II

The second installment in the Details University series covers creating events from start to finish. There is a ton of info included in this course, so strap in!

New Details Features

Join us every other Friday to talk about the newest features in the Details Flowers Software platform!

Designing with Collections

Join us to explore best practices using Collections in the Item Gallery.

We will show you:

  • Using Canva with Details
  • How to create Collections
  • Different ways to use Collections
  • Creating a quick Proposal using Collections

Using Canva with Details

Join the Details Flowers Marketing team to learn more about using Canva for your business and with Details.

During the webinar we'll discuss:

  • Getting started on Canva
  • An Overview of Canva Templates & Design Basics
  • We will design New Collection images together
  • How to Export Images from Canva