More than *just* software.

Details isn't just a floral software solution that increases your bottom line and frees up your time...


We're your partner. And we love this business as much as you do. We believe that when florists are supported, the whole industry thrives. Which is exactly what we're here for.

To get to know your business and the floral industry better, we conduct surveys to allow us to recognize and appreciate different aspects that make up the floral community. This will help us to continue to grow as a company and further assist in the growth of our industry.


Getting to Know You Survey
We'd love to learn more "details" about you and your business!takesurveybutton



What's the Buzz?
Have something you want to tell everyone about? Let us know here and we'll be happy to share with our community!takesurveybutton



Freelance Survey
Hey freelancers! We're looking to get more familiar with freelance floral designers in our community.takesurveybutton


Interested in exploring Details Flowers Software?
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