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We believe in tending to the unique needs of our users, and we're excited to showcase our bouquet of features cultivated directly from our community's requests and feedback. Our members' insights have been the seeds for all of our innovations, and we've carefully nurtured them into a suite of tools designed to inspire creativity, streamline workflows, and enhance the overall blooming of your business. From intuitive design enhancements to seamless collaboration features, each feature is a testament to the collaborative spirit between our team and the vibrant community of florists we proudly serve worldwide.


Proposal Customization

Simplify your proposal creation with Details' intuitive editor, created specifically for florists. Our proposal settings streamline the process, allowing you to effortlessly design detailed and visually striking proposals that perfectly capture the essence of your designs. Navigate through an easy-to-use interface that saves you time and enhances your client presentations.

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The Client Portal

This new feature allows you to create a customized, seamless experience for your clients, enabling them to view proposals, contracts, and invoices in one centralized location. Clients can easily approve proposals, sign contracts digitally, and make payments directly through the portal. Tailor the portal’s appearance to match your brand, enhancing client engagement and satisfaction. This streamlined communication hub simplifies the client management process, making it more efficient and professional.

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Automated Pricing Calculator

Revolutionize your pricing strategy with Details' Pricing Calculator tucked into our all-encompassing Worksheet. This tool is your pricing wizard, making the whole process simple and ensuring prices are not just accurate but profitable. Tweak your recipe ingredients and watch the calculator work its magic, churning out optimal pricing that truly reflects the value of your work. With transparent pricing generated effortlessly, you can present your services to clients with a newfound assurance. Let the Pricing Calculator handle the math, while you focus on showcasing your expertise.

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Stem Counter

Boost your efficiency with the Stem Counter feature nestled within our Worksheet. This nifty tool is like having a floral inventory manager – no more second-guessing, just accurate and effortless stem counting. Dive into real-time insights that reveal the perfect number of order bunches needed, giving you the strategic edge to craft designs and maximize profitability. Say goodbye to the days of over-ordering or falling short; the Stem Counter is here to make your floral inventory management a breeze.

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Automated Payments & E-Signature

Imagine effortlessly sailing through the financial aspects, with payments automated for timely and secure transactions (courtesy of Stripe). But it doesn't stop there – wave goodbye to paperwork chaos as E-Signature takes center stage. No more wrestling with traditional contracts; now your clients can sign documents electronically, boosting your workflow efficiency and minimizing paperwork headaches.

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Recipe Builder

The Recipe Builder is like having a personal assistant, simplifying the nitty-gritty of managing quantities, colors, prices, and specific flower varieties. But it's not just about organization – it's a team player, fostering collaboration among event planning teams. Say goodbye to communication hiccups; this tool ensures that everyone is on the same page, guaranteeing that your envisioned floral creations come to life seamlessly.

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Color Selector

Details' innovative Color Selector is your artistic playground, inviting you to explore a vast palette of colors and craft cohesive floral arrangements with precision. It's not just a tool; it's a creativity booster that ensures your designs are not only harmonious but visually stunning. With a user-friendly interface, this feature becomes your canvas, allowing you to select and experiment with an array of colors effortlessly.

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Item Gallery & Collections

The Item Gallery & Collections feature is your creative powerhouse, giving you the freedom to gather and organize a diverse range of floral elements, decor items, and accessories into visually stunning collections. Dive into a visual catalog that's not just comprehensive but also a joy to explore, allowing you to effortlessly browse and select items that resonate with your unique creative vision. Let your creativity run wild with this feature at your fingertips.

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Template Creation

Details Flowers Software's Worksheet Template feature is your time-saving sidekick, providing ready-to-use templates that lay the groundwork for similar events. No more starting from scratch – these templates are your shortcut to planning budgets and design specifics with ease. It's not just a time-saver; it's your ticket to a more organized and detailed approach to event planning. Let the Worksheet Template feature be your guide, allowing you to create well-structured plans effortlessly.

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Wholesaler RFQ

With Details' Wholesaler RFQ/Costs Page, you're in control of sourcing and costs like never before. Say goodbye to the procurement hassle – now you can shoot Requests for Quotes (RFQs) straight to our trusted wholesaler partners, making the whole process a breeze. The Costs Page is your command center, where you can track and compare quotes, making decisions based on real insights into pricing and availability. By bringing communication and cost data together, this feature adds a touch of transparency and efficiency, ensuring your floral design projects are not just cost-effective but also smoothly managed from start to finish.

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Reporting & Analytics

Your key to unlocking a deeper understanding of your floral business. Dive into detailed reports and analytics that shed light on every facet of your floral design projects and events. These insights are your compass, guiding you to make decisions rooted in real data, spot trends that matter, and fine-tune your strategies for upcoming projects. It's not just analytics; it's your partner in crafting a more successful and informed floral design journey.

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Training & Support

Embark on your floral design journey with confidence, thanks to our Training & Support options. Whether you prefer a learn-it-yourself approach or individual courses with our Support Team, we've got you covered. Access personalized guidance, ensuring you make the most out of our software and its features. Alternatively, dive into our courses, tailored to empower you with in-depth knowledge and skills. With Details, you're not just using software; you're part of a community dedicated to your success.

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