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Creating Events


Using the New Color Selector
All the ways you can use the new and improved Color Selector tool!

An Overview of the Worksheet
We walk you through the section on our platform called the Worksheet - where all the flower magic happens!

How to Create an Event
We show you how to create an Event in the software - from starting your designs to the proposal! We touch base on our two main Resource sections; the Item Gallery & Recipe Gallery, with a brief overview of how the Proposals work.

Using the Financials Page
In this short video, we go over the Financials page in Details Flowers Software, how you can customize your Required Payments per client, and where to track the payments you have received!

Adjusting Contract Terms
In this video, the Details Flowers Software team goes over our newest feature, which allows you to adjust your contract terms per event!

Overview of the Event Details Page
In this short tutorial, the Details Flowers Software team walks through the section that we call "Details."

Overview of the Documents Page
We walk through the Documents Patails Flowers Software and the three PDFs that we offer for additional assistance.

How to Customize Proposals
We walk you through all the features of our Proposal page, as well as all the options you have to view, customize, and send your beautiful proposals.


Ordering & Invoicing


Overview of the Costs Page
In this short video, we go over our Costs page where you will find a shopping list of all the products you need for each event.

Setting Up Stripe Invoicing
Let's talk about invoicing your clients in Details Flowers Software! Our Support Lead Cullen walks through how to connect your account to our payment processing platform, Stripe.

How to Place An Order Through Details
The Details Support Team walks you through placing a standing order with our partners Alaska Peony Cooperative!


Resource Galleries


How to Create Collections
The Details Flowers Software team shows you how to use one of our newer features, Collections! Our Collections feature is a great new organizational tool. You can create and completely customize your own collections for whatever suits your needs!

How to Create Recipes
The Details Flowers team walks you through the best ways to create recipes ingredient by ingredient in Details Flowers Software! Learn how to organize and manage all your recipe designs in the Recipe Gallery, and ways to make adjustments.

Designing with Collections
This video walks you through how to create a Collection from a previously saved template and how to use that Collection for future events!


Useful Features


Navigating the Event List
How to use the Event List pipeline feature, and customize all the "details" on that page so you can track your most important information for each of your events!

How to Create an Event Template
Details Flowers Software's sales team walks you through how to save time setting up different Worksheet templates for different event types!

How to Use Privacy Mode
Privacy Mode is a feature that allows you to hide all of the cost and markup information from the entire Details platform. It can be toggled on or off as needed.

Event List Search & Custom Reports
We walk you through our Event List Search feature and how to pull Custom Reports on your events!

Personalizing Contract Terms
You can embed personalization tokens in your contract terms to always include specific "details" about each event!

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We had a tremendous 2021! We can honestly say that this year was one for the books, from unveiling brand new partnerships to releasing highly anticipated features.

Details 2020 Year In Review
Somehow, 2020 went by faster than ever and also much too slowly. We've added so much to the platform in 2020, so here's a short video to recap all the new features and upgrades now on Details Flowers Software.