Sell More Blooms

and Forecast Accurately with a Built-in, Active Customer Base.

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Blog Grid-2When you join the Details network of florists and growers, you become part of an elite group.

Our designers enjoy easy access to the finest blooms and goods the industry has to offer. With our system, they can instantly see what’s available and how much it costs…then drag and drop it into a stunning proposal, knowing they’re presenting an accurate and profitable design.

And in turn, our suppliers are able to make informed planting and pricing decisions based on exceedingly accurate data from 25,000+ future events.

With this strategic marriage, Details is revolutionizing the event floral industry — are you ready to be a part of it?



You provide the blooms. We'll provide the florists.

Details allows wedding and event florists to virtually design their bouquets and centerpieces — using inventory provided by you! That means, when you become a Details Partner, over 25,000+ events are created using your products. Just imagine a search engine for florists that:

Exclusively combs your available inventory.

Provides you with in-depth statistics — offering insights on what brides are looking for, how to price your products, and current trends.

That’s the power of Details Flowers Software. It’s easy and fast to get your collection uploaded and in front of our florists, too. 





Benefits of Becoming a Partner:



Increase Revenue
Sell more products to a built-in customer base without advertising or marketing costs.


Build Brand Awareness
Our community of florists is a massive and engaged group. Put your brand at the top of their minds.



Receive More Pre-Books
With data from over 25,000+ events in our system, you can analyze the trends and forecast before the rest of the industry.


Easily Manage Inventory
Load your entire product catalog into the system so florists can easily select your items to build their designs with.


Want to learn more about getting your products exclusively into the hands of our floral pros?