Details University

Learning from a Details pro is easier than doing it on your own!

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We want you to experience every benefit that Details Flowers Software has to offer, which is why we offer two classes that will guide you through every aspect of using the software. To register, simply click the links below each class to schedule in a time that works for you. These courses are FREE to our Annual Pro and Enterprise Pro members. Monthly members may take advantage of these courses for $50 per course. Details training takes place in the comfort of your own home - no need to come onsite!


Details University Course I: Details Business Basics (60 minutes)

During this course, you will learn how to set up your Details Flowers account. In this course, we will focus on:

🌸 Setting up your Company information.

🌸 Creating your Event Default (line items, markup, fees, and taxes).

🌸 Creating your ideal financial schedule and how to use the payments page.

🌸 Adjusting the contract terms for your business.

🌸 How Details Flowers invoicing works.

🌸 How to update your Items Gallery (adjust stem cost, stems per bunch, and rental inventory).

🌸 Adding new inventory.

🌸 When and how to contact Support.

It seems simple, but we promise you will be glad you took this course! It will help ensure your settings are just the way you like it before you add in clients.



Details University Course II: Details Creative Side (60 minutes)

Within this course, you'll learn how to efficiently create stunning proposals and build your event portfolio. During this course, we will review:

🌸 How to use the Event List & Pipeline

🌸 How to add in a new client/event.

🌸 How to create/load a template.

🌸 The most efficient way to use the Design Board & Design Worksheet - including adding things to the Design Board, building, saving recipes, and using the stem counter.

🌸 How to use all of the Proposal tools.

🌸 Where you can find helpful supporting documents.

🌸 How to use the Costs page (generated order.)

This course is FULL of information. Please ensure you have a quiet space available and a note pad to write down notes.



Have multiple team members?

Not a problem! Since the training takes place online (via a Google Meeting or Zoom meeting) additional members are welcome to join in from wherever they have WIFI access. Simply let us know before the meeting and we can make it happen!


The not-so-fine-print:

Currently, these courses are included for our Professional and Enterprise plans. Our courses take place via online. Each account receives two (2) training courses, for a total of 2 hours. This consists of the first and second training course. Business members may register for the courses. Each course is $50.00.

Adding a new member to the team? We will gladly train them in, however, additional charges will apply. Each additional course is $50.00.


Weekly Webinar Series:

We are hosting free Details University live webinars over the coming weeks where we'll walk through the standard courses in a group setting. Our hope is to bring together florists in learning discussions about our platform. It's never too early to plan for the future and if you've been curious about Details, this may be a perfect time to learn more!

Click here to view our upcoming schedule and register!