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Get Details up and running in a flash with personalized training.

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We get it. There are some people that are natural-born implementers. They can sit down in front of new technology and take off running. They love tinkering and figuring out things on their own. And if that’s you — we bow down. 

For the rest of us who’d like a little more direction and an opportunity to ask questions about your personal set-up, we’ve created Details University.

We’ve got a few different modules to choose from, each designed to take you from zero to a proposal and cash-generating machine, fast.

And we’ve even got special training for new employees, so when you bring on staff, you don’t have to train them on Details, we can handle that for you!

These training sessions are conducted remotely via Google Meeting or Zoom, so you and as many people as you’d like can log in from anywhere you’ve got internet access.

Growth Plans (Demo)

Join us for our Details Flowers Software Growth Plan Classes, where one of our esteemed salespeople will guide you through the ins and outs of our powerful software. This 45-minute online class is designed to help you make the most of Details Flowers Software, from setting up your account to understanding how to create stunning events with ease, and impress your next big client!

  • Free Online Classes: We're excited to offer these Growth Plan classes for free, making it accessible to florists looking to enhance their skills and grow their businesses.
  • Event Walkthrough: Gain insights into the event creation process using Details Flowers Software. From initial planning to final execution, you'll see how the software streamlines each step.
  • Main Features: Explore the software's main features in detail, including tools for floral design, budget management, client communication, and more. Discover how these features can revolutionize your workflow.
  • Interactive Environment: Our group environment encourages engagement and collaboration. You'll be able to ask questions, share experiences, and learn from fellow attendees.
  • Ideal for Newer Florists: These classes are tailored for newer florists and individuals just starting their journey with Details Flowers Software. No prior experience is necessary.

Whether you're looking to streamline your floral design process or gain a competitive edge in the industry, our Details Flowers Software Growth Plan Classes provide a valuable opportunity to boost your skills and grow your business. Register today and embark on a journey to floral success!


Details University I (60 Minutes) $50

Learn how to set up your Details Flowers account in this 60-minute course. In this course, we will focus on:

  • Setting up your company information.
  • Creating your Event Default (line items, markup, fees, and taxes).
  • Creating your ideal financial schedule and how to use the payments page.
  • Adjusting the contract terms for your business.
  • How Details Flowers invoicing works.How to update your Items Gallery (adjust stem cost, stems per bunch, and rental inventory).
  • Adding new inventory.
  • How to best contact Details Support.


Details University II (90 Minutes) $75

Learn how to create stunning proposals efficiently and build your event portfolio. This class is up to 90 minutes, and the course will be tailored to you based on what you would like to review. The available areas for review are:

  • How to use the Event List & Pipeline
  • How to add in new clients/events
  • How to create/load templates
  • Making the most of the Design Board and Design Worksheet - including building and saving recipes
  • How to create, design, and manage Proposals
  • Using the Costs page and requesting wholesale quotes


New Employee Orientation: A Look Into Details (60 Minutes) $50

Hired a new team member and don’t exactly have time to train them on how to use Details? We’ve got you. Over the course of an hour, we’ll take your new hire and walk them through the key features of the software and even help them understand their new role in your organization a bit.

This course includes:

  • Managing and creating new events on the Event List
  • Designing an event using the Resources and the Worksheet
  • Accessing and downloading event-related documents
  • Generating orders and reports


Integrating Zapier (30 Minutes) $25

Zapier automates workflows between hundreds of services with the click of a button. Want to connect your Details account with Quickbooks, HoneyBook, and Google Drive? You can! Head on over to Zapier's website to check out all the apps you can connect with. Intrigued? Schedule time with our Support Team to learn how to integrate Zapier into your Details account. Click the button below and we'll have you zapping in no time.


Schedule a Discovery Call (15 Minutes) Free!

Looking to learn more about Details before you commit to any subscriptions? Schedule a 15 minute introductory call with our Sales Team. We understand every business has different needs - our goal of this call is to learn more about yours so we can show you how Details can help specifically with the obstacles you are facing.


Psst: For Professional and Enterprise plans, each account receives one complimentary Details University I and II training course, included in their subscription. Contact us here to schedule your training session today.