We're purposeful about supporting the industry we love.

Our software helps you thrive, so you can do more of what you love.

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The Details Flowers platform isn’t *just* software.Blog Grid-1

It’s a tool that helps you streamline your processes, save time, get paid faster, and then go do more of what you love. Whether that’s designing arrangements, spending time with your family, or booking more business. We’re confident we’ve thought of everything you need to take your business to the next level.

How? We’re event florists, too!

Details was designed and created by Corrine Heck, who worked as a prominent event designer for over a decade. And that’s why Details so flawlessly rises to meet every challenge you run into during the course of a project. Corrine understands the day-to-day operations of running a floral business — and it’s from that deep well of experience that Details was handcrafted.

Whether you need help calculating blooms per project, templating your designs to use over and over again, creating the most beautiful proposals in the industry, or virtually signing contracts and collecting payments, we’ve got you covered. 

Our team is here to support you every step of the way and we mean it. We’re not just some faceless company with call centers and chatbots routed overseas. We’re a tight-knit group of female-led flower fanatics behind every support request and training sesh. You can directly speak with us at any time during business hours — whether you’re looking for help with setup or struggling with a particular quote. 

We truly want to see you thrive. And when your business grows, we celebrate. Because that’s just who we are.

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Automate every aspect of your business - except the fun parts!

Our team is thrilled to support you in creating a business that thrives on your terms.

Meet them below!

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Founder & CEO

Corrine Heck founded Details Flowers Software to help event florists manage and scale their businesses effortlessly. Over the past 20+ years, she’s had experience in just about every part of the industry — transitioning from event designer to software developer to CEO along the way.

Corrine’s Details Flowers Software has grown from an idea hatched almost a decade ago into a robust solution with thousands of users spanning the globe.

After winning the Rollins College Sponsored Venture Pitch Grand Prize in 2016, Corrine used that momentum to continue her mission: helping event florists grow their bottom line with custom-designed automation software. From there, she hasn’t stopped improving Details. Every update and every feature rollout is thoughtfully designed and implemented by her in-house, completely U.S. based, female-led team.

The Society of American Florists recently recognized Corrine for her tireless dedication to the floral industry, and inducted her into the Professional Floral Communicators – International.

Details Flowers Software is recognized as the official software and key procurement tool for the American Institute of Floral Designers National Symposium, and is headquartered in Ormond Beach, Florida, where Corrine lives with her husband of 22 years, and their three children.


Support Director

Brandy is the Support Team Lead here at Details Flowers Software and is our clients' first point of contact. She loves working with our clients to answer questions and solve problems. Brandy also hosts monthly Tips & Tricks webinars for Details Members to showcase our features and how they can improve your business! As a native Floridian, when she's not at the office, she can be found enjoying Central Florida's many theme parks with her daughter, Rhea, or spending quality time with her family.


Marketing Director

A native Michigander, Alexa is the team leader of the Marketing Department. In the office, she spends most of her time in Canva creating content, including graphics, updating the website, and posting to Details' social media channels. Her biggest passions outside of the office include family time, exploring Florida, animals, and live music. Binging her favorite movies and shows with her boyfriend and spending time with their toddler Violet is one of her favorite pastimes.


PR Director

You will find Myranda creating blossoming relationships, writing educational articles, and providing her support to our wonderful partners and clients. Some of Myranda’s contributed content can be found on the Details Blog, Posy, The Professional Florist Magazine, and Florists’ Review Magazine. She developed a passion for all things floral and garden while growing up in Charleston, South Carolina. She currently resides in Ormond Beach, Florida, where she spends as much time as she can at the beach, theme parks, or with her dogs.


Sales Associate

Angel is a part of the Details Sales team, where she helps with the development of our sales process.  When she is not in the office, she can be found being a massive music creative, spending time with her bubbly two-year-old son, Caesen, recreating makeup/DIY beauty tutorials, and baking the best cakes and pastries. She absolutely adores her team members in the office and works diligently to make sure every customer feels welcomed with a bow of love.


Sales Associate

Taylor is also a member of the Details Sales Team. As well as assisting with the Sales Process, Taylor is actively speaking with new Details Customers who are ready to take their business to the next level. Her favorite part about being on the Sales Team is speaking to and meeting people from all over the world! In her free time, you can find her spending time with her husband fishing, doing DIY projects around the house, going to theme parks, and watching re-runs of The Office. Taylor loves spending quality time with her team members and looks forward to helping expand the Details Community.


Project Manager

Danielle is the newest addition to the Details Team! She is our Office Project Manager, having a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design, she has a high level of organization and details. As a native Floridian, she enjoys the outdoors. She loves planning new trips with her husband to travel the world on her time off.



Olivia is thrilled to be joining the Details team with her new role as intern! Currently, she is a senior at Stetson University studying Digital Arts and Marketing. From a small town in north west Georgia, she loves to be outdoors - including beach days, long walks with her friends, and exploring new places. Olivia is excited to put her creativity to work and looks forward to the next few months with the team!



Chase is excited to be joining the team as a sales and support intern. Initially from Panama City, Florida; he is a senior at Stetson University studying sales and philosophy. Outside of the office he is passionate about coffee and coffee science, and competes in latte art competitions whenever possible.



Avery is delighted to begin her role as an intern for the Details Flowers Software Team! Currently, she is a senior at Stetson University, studying Communications and Media Studies and Theatre Arts. Outside of the Details office, she can be found experimenting in the kitchen, playing with her dog, Grizzly, and practicing lines for an upcoming play. She is absolutely thrilled to be working with such a talented and dedicated group of people.