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Floral artistry is more than just arranging flowers; it's a profound expression of creativity, passion, and skill. At Details Flowers Software, we are committed to nurturing this creativity and excellence within the floral industry. That's why we're thrilled to announce the launch of our scholarship program, aimed at supporting aspiring florists and enthusiasts like you in advancing your floral education.


What is a Details University Scholarship?

Untitled design-Mar-06-2024-07-26-20-9351-PMThe Details’ Scholarship Program is a testament to our dedication to advancing floral education through the comprehensive classes we offer along with exclusive opportunities to attend prestigious conventions and workshops. Through this initiative, we're providing valuable learning opportunities for florists to expand their knowledge and skills, supporting their growth within the floral community. With an emphasis on innovation within the industry, we proudly allocate over $25,000 annually towards scholarships, empowering individuals driven by a passion for floral artistry. 

  • Learning Opportunities: Our scholarship program aims to provide florists like you with the chance to attend industry events or Details University classes, where you can expand your knowledge, skills, and network with fellow enthusiasts.
  • Exclusive Access: Apply for a Scholarship attending an industry event or workshop that offers invaluable exposure to top instructors and the latest trends and techniques in floral design.
  • Expert Instruction: Enroll in our classes and benefit from the expertise of our passionate team members, dedicated to sharing their knowledge and skills with aspiring florists like you.
  • Community Support: Join our community and connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for floral artistry. Through networking and collaboration, you'll learn from others who endorse our mission and have positive experiences with us.

Scholarship Opportunities


Subscription Fee

The Subscription Fee Scholarship allows floral professionals like you to experience the full spectrum of our innovative platform at a reduced rate, enabling you to streamline workflows, boost creativity, and elevate your businesses with ease.

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University Classes

Through interactive sessions, members of our Support Team showcase practical applications of Details’ features. These courses are designed to equip our florists with essential tools and knowledge for using Details to its fullest potential, leading to success.


Proposal Templates

The Proposal Template Scholarship can help you save on any premium templates within the Details Marketplace. Stand out from the crowd and elevate your proposals with these beautifully designed templates.

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Industry Events

A key component of this scholarship program is to allow florists to attend industry events while representing Details. By engaging in this initiative, Details florists gain exclusive access to a diverse array of events hosted by the industry's most prestigious organizations.

We take pride partnering and supporting several educational industry events and organizations, including:

Affiliation Logos

Scholarships LP Blocks-Mar-06-2024-07-51-33-8470-PM“I appreciated the opportunity to become a beta Details Flowers Software user when Details first launched. My wholesaler, Bill Doran, chose me to try it out and see if my floral company would benefit from using Details, and I’m sure glad I hopped on the chance! Being a primarily event florist, the software has streamlined how I quote clients and made things much more efficient. I’m not the most tech savvy person, but this was very easy to learn and adapt to in no time. There was also help when I signed on to learn the software so that I was confident in what I was preparing to send bridal clients. Since becoming a Details customer, my weddings have grown dramatically in size. The beautiful and visual presentation of the documents is desired by the clients we want to attract. Many have said that the document was so nice to receive and that made me feel very professional and confident.” 

Fawn Mueller, Scholarship Recipient
Inspired by Nature
Wausau, Wisconsin


How Can You Apply?

Details is dedicated to advancing floral education through conventions, workshops, and seminars, fostering creativity and excellence in the industry. 

To be considered for one of these scholarships, all you need to do is complete the form by clicking the button below. By completing the form, you not only have the chance to receive financial support and further your education but also to deepen your engagement within our vibrant community of floral professionals, whom we proudly stand behind.

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Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to take your floral education to the next level. Apply for the Details University Scholarship today and join us in advancing expressiveness and greatness in the floral industry. Together, we can bloom and grow!