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"Flower nerd...yup, that's me!
I hail from the suburbs of Philadelphia and I love all things flowers, especially learning about them and spreading my flower know-how. A few decades in retail has fostered a fierce customer service background in me. Ten years of management has shown me what it means to be a true leader and how to utilize the strengths of those around me. A dozen years of immersing myself in network circles that include designers at the top echelon of their craft has lead me to strive toward that too....something I will always be reaching for as there is never an end to learning. Now an international educator, a presenter, a traveler, a bud to all flower friends that I meet, a freelancer and a connector...this industry is truly my life! Oh yeah....and a proud member of the American Institute of Floral Designers and the Professional Floral Communicators International!"

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Framing floral techniques
by Renee Tucci

Floral Design Skill Building, Inspirations, and Explorations

This approachable guide, featuring over 500 photos and companion commentary, will take the mystery out of creating floral designs that are a step above the rest. By tapping into often unexplored creative materials and techniques with 42 projects, floral enthusiasts will go on a journey through all layers of modern floral design. With this design inspiration and reference manual that expands upon techniques in a real-world way, aspiring and seasoned designers will find encouragement to practice and hone techniques by traveling down a direct, step-by-step path.

Important principles and elements of design are woven into the fibers of each project to give the reader a clear understanding of why and how each component is connected to the next. By working with and practicing each of these projects or techniques, learners see that the artistic options and applications are endless. 

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