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Congratulations! Making the decision to level up your business and invest in yourself is exciting. And it can be a tad bit overwhelming, too. After all, you don’t want to invest time setting up a software solution that you’ll quickly outgrow or doesn’t meet your exact needs. 


Increase your profitability, productivity, organization, AND gain a competitive edge with Details Flowers Software at your side. Click below to learn about a few of our top features!

How can Details Flowers help me increase my profitability?

Tired of manually calculating every little detail to make sure you're earning a profit? With Details Flowers Software, you can toss that calculator back in the drawer! 

Our software solution can help you turn a healthy profit by accurately pricing your designs with your own margins in mind. 

Many Details florists have seen their profits increase as much as 30% when using these tools: 


This feature gives step-by-step instructions for florists to create their designs & events. Easily adjust stem counts to see the software automatically price recipe designs for you! 

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Each and every event has different needs. Assure your profitability by accounting for every charge! Your clients will love how easy your contracts are to read! 

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As a florist, you have a lot going on. Not only do you need to design and execute a flawless event, but you're a sales rep for your own business at the same time. Details Flowers exclusive Proposal Suggestion feature allows you to give your clients additional options directly in the proposal. It's up-selling done right!

Want to experience these features for yourself? Click below to start your free 7-day trial. 

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How can Details Flowers help me be more productive?

Time is a valuable commodity when you own your own business. We've created the perfect tools to help you win back time, without sacrificing a quality experience for your prospects and clients. 


We bet you've done a blush wedding before! With Details Flowers, you can create templates from previous events. Simply click, load, and adjust for your new client. Your custom Design Worksheet templates can load line items, quantities, recipes, and colors - saving you time!

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Compiling inspiration photos of recipes, blooms, and other items can be time consuming. Details Flowers has virtual galleries that can store recipes, items, and more! Many of our florists 'pick' flowers with their clients during the consultation, too! It's a great way to offer an incredible experience for your prospects. 

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Quickly create a dynamic and engaging proposal for your client with our simple to use Proposal Editor. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to create the perfect contract! 

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Of course, that's just a few of our features. Start your trial to see them all! 

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How can Details Flowers help me be more organized?

Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets and sticky notes! Details Flowers will help you become an organization guru in no time! Here are a couple of our top features to do just that. 


Easily keep track of all your events with our Event Pipeline & Client List. See current events, upcoming payments due, and more in a snap!


One of the top reasons florists lose profit is due to over-ordering. Details Flowers Software’s  Items Needed Report allows you to track past, present, and future items you’ve used in your events! You’ll be able to compile a list of everything you need for a weekend of events, including total inventory, recommended bunches, and more! Not only will this maximize your profitability across multiple events, but it will simplify your ordering process. With the click of a button, your complete order can be exported. It’s just one more way Details Flowers Software helps you check off items on your to-do list!



With our RFQ system, florists calculate entire orders in a snap and send them faster, straight from the design room. Instant communication with suppliers makes sure that florists can anticipate costs and suppliers can forecast needs. We work with the world's best suppliers to help source the most beautiful flowers. 

And there's more to love! The best way to learn if we're a perfect fit is to try it out for yourself. See what florists are raving about! Click below to start your free 7-day trial. 

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Tell me about your invoicing feature!

Details Flowers invoicing is an amazing added feature that gives you the ability to offer your clients a convenient online payment option. No longer do they need to wait for a separate invoice to make payments! 

Our invoicing is powered by Stripe, and once you sign up, you're able to start accepting payments right away! 

Not sure if it's right for you? You're welcome to sign up and give it a try. Once signed up, you can use it as often or as little as you like. 

What are the fees? 

Stripe will remove 2.9% +.30 per transaction (US Customers) 

For additional fee amounts by country, check out Stripe's website.

Details Flowers also removes an application fee. This fee varies per plan: 

Monthly PRO: 1.25% per transaction 

Annual PRO: 1.10% per transaction 

Enterprise PRO: 1% per transaction

Why is there an additional invoicing fee? 

Our additional fee helps us keep your monthly/annual rates low! Other companies may not advertise a fee to use their invoicing, but you'll wind up paying for it via higher subscription rates!

Am I charged a fee for all payments recorded in the software? 

If you are not taking the payment through our online invoicing, there is no additional fee! 

Can I turn off the ability to pay with a credit card? 

If you don't want your user to pay online, send them the Summary page of the contract. It includes your payment schedule, where to send checks, and the grand total breakdown. 

Want to see it in action?

You have complete access to our full suite of features during your trial, and we encourage you to try it out. 

Is there a mood board?
Our Design Board allows you to collect images from our pre-loaded resource section easily. You can also upload any personal images from the client's inspiration. We have a color picker to set the mood. In our proposals, we offer a cover and a concept page to allow your client to view the mood board you create.
Do I have to upload everything I need or does Details include a library?
Details comes preloaded with a few thousand items and several premade recipes for you to choose from! These items and recipes come preloaded with images, prices, and other important information.
Additionally, Details contains a growing number of item collections from our various Partners, including Accent Decor, Ball, and more!
All of that being said, you are welcome to add any of your own custom items to your account!
How does Details help me with pricing my items and arrangements?

Details comes preset with costs that are pretty close to market average. Any changes to costs or markups that you make are automatically saved as part of your company history and can be updated at any time by your authorized users (unless Privacy Mode is enforced).

Details will even use the item costs to calculate your arrangement prices automatically!

While you are not required to update the cost information, we highly recommend that you take the time to do so! It's a small investment of your time that will yield a high reward - accurate pricing and increased profitability! 

If you don't have the time right at the start of your subscription, don't worry! You can easily update cost information directly in the recipe itself at any time.  

How often do you make updates to the Details Flowers system?

We are always hard at work to grow the Details Flowers platform for our users and we are making additions, big and small, nearly every day!

When new features are released, we will be sure to let you know about them (because we're excited to share them!).

That being said, something that helps us improve the platform is feedback from the people using it - so please let us know if there's an update you'd like to see!

What are your hours?
We are available by chat, email, and phone Monday - Friday between the hours of 9am - 5pm EST!
Do you have an online community or forum?

Yes!  We have a growing group of florists & wholesalers that engage in our online community daily! We often post information about updates, promotions, and events that are taking place in the floral community.  Please 'Join the Conversation' by requesting access to our group below. 

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Can I load my Pinterest / inspiration photos?
Yes! The best place to load the personal inspiration images is within each client's event on what we call their Design Board. These images can also be used on the cover and conceptual page of our proposal templates. 
Can I customize Details to suit my company?

Yes - absolutely!

We pride ourselves on being a fit for floral businesses of all shapes and sizes by allowing each account to be customized to your needs.

Proposals, worksheets, resource galleries, contract terms, reports, and general company settings are all customizable!

What is a premium proposal template and what do they look like?

Our software comes with three proposal templates Blooming, Blossom & Vanilla. From there, you can opt to add additional premium proposal templates found in our Marketplace for a one-time additional fee.

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