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Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit our page! We're so happy you've made your way here from Florists' Review Magazine. We can't wait to introduce you to Details and learn more on how we can help your business!

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Details Flowers Software is an elegant and easy-to-use floral design system - an absolute must-have for your event business. It's always been our mission to cultivate happy & loyal customers by building a platform with them in mind; we're here to improve profitability, productivity, and organization for the floral business of all shapes & sizes.

Our team is here to help guide you through the process every step of the way so if you have any questions, let us know! 

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Item Gallery & Collections
Stay on budget and deliver smarter solutions by knowing which blooms are in season and when. Browse a catalog of your designs, blooms & resources. Don't see something you use? Add it! Your library is a private collection of your favorite things and more.

Homepage Feature Icons-1Recipe Builder & Worksheet
Manage designs, accurately price your work, and keep your design information safe. Your clients will love how on top of it you are -- and you will love the easy automation.

4-23Proposal Customization
Create beautiful, printable contracts in minutes with our Proposal Editing tool. Our customizable templates will make you stand out, and your ability to get this to your clients will give you hours back to your life to do what you love...DESIGN!

1-484260935830Wholesale Send/Receive Orders
With our RFQ system, florists calculate orders in a snap and send them even faster straight from the design room. Instant communication with suppliers ensures florists can anticipate costs and suppliers can forecast needs. We work with the world's best suppliers to help source the most beautiful flowers.

3-30Automated Payments
Details offers merchant processing to collect payments while you sleep! Set up your account to sync with your bank account, and watch the money and bookings roll in! Powered by Stripe.

Automate your business processes with our convenient e-signature. Capture date & time stamped contracts to make booking your next event a breeze! Step-by-step tools make every day functions effortless.

5-19Color Selector
Our state-of-the-art color selection tool has it all! Upload an image to match the bridesmaid dresses, or type in a Pantone color and you will automatically see the recommended tints, shades, and complimentary color options.
Tres chic!
7-7Details University Courses
Two courses that are specially designed for Details Flowers customers to help subscribers learn all the in's and out's of the software. We want our members to experience every benefit that Details Flowers Software has to offer, which is why our team will guide you through every aspect to make you a Details PRO.
8-5Online Community
The customer has an important question while you are away from your desk? Review events, respond quickly and update event details immediately. Our online community is available when you need help from florist friends.



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