Calvert Crary

Executive Director, Author, Master Instructor




Calvert Crary is the Executive Director of both state licensed career development schools FlowerSchool New York and FlowerSchool Los Angeles, and author of Flower School: A Practical Guide to the Art of Flower Arranging (Nov 2020). After over a decade as a professional photographer, shooting mostly lifestyles and fashion, Calvert made the transition to floral entrepreneur in 2006. Having opened and successfully run three flower businesses in New York City simultaneously, he not only knows his way around the camera but the cut flower world as well. As an internationally recognized instructor and mentor, Calvert has taught programs across the United States, Holland, Mexico, France, and Australia, and was this year’s judge for the prestigious PHS Philadelphia Flower Show. Calvert has trained and coached thousands of students on how to work in the floral industry with top designers, start new businesses, or reorganize existing floral businesses into thriving careers.  

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Details' Partnership with FLOWERSCHOOL NY

"FlowerSchool is pleased to announce our partnership with Details Flower Software. We will be featuring their software and platform in our 3-Day Wedding Design!

In the Wedding Design Series, students learn the full process of creating a wedding or event from conducting consultations, creating proposals, purchasing florals, and finally, creating a fully realized sample meeting of an event.

Details is now an essential element of this course, where students learn step-by-step how to use this software, and are given their own account to practice building recipes, proposals, and mood boards to later implement in their own work and events!

Thank you Details for being an integral part of the learning process and understanding the importance of floral education. We are proud to have you be a part of our foundation curriculum!"




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