Getting Started is Easy.  Join our Courses to Gain More Knowledge. 

We want you to experience every benefit that Details Flowers Software has to offer, which is why we are offering four classes that will guide you through every aspect of using the software. Not sure how to create a recipe? We've got you covered. What about requesting a quote from your wholesale supplier? We'll help with that, too. Take a look at the four classes below and then choose which one you would like to start with. No need to start with class one. These classes were designed specially for Details Flowers customers! We are here to help you at your own pace, so begin where you would like! To register, simply click the links below each class to schedule in a time that works for you. 

Details University Course 1: Orientation
While orientation seemed like a great class to skip back in the day, this one is definitely worth sticking around for! We will explore how to set up your company information, as well as explore other various categories that will set your business up for success! 
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Details University Course 2: Details 101
An introduction class doesn't have to be boring! Feed your creative side with our second offering. This class will focus on setting up an event, using the Design Board, and filling out an event Worksheet with beautiful recipes. Who knew class could be so fun? 
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Details University Course 3: Signed, Sealed, Delivered! 
For class 3, we will focus on effortlessly creating beautiful proposals for your clients. Better yet, there are multiple PDF documents we will explore that will make your life oh-so-easy. No need to hook up that printer just yet. You will learn how easy it is to deliver your proposals online. Did I mention you can offer an E-Signature? Register for this class to learn it all and more! 
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Details University Course 4: Administrative Pro
The paperwork had to come someday, but the best part is that Details Flowers can take care of it for you! Find out how easy it is to stay on top of your costs, request quotes from your wholesale supplier, and even set up worry-free invoicing. Imagine having digital records for everything...freeing, isn't it? 
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Each class is about 45 minutes. There will be 30 minutes for going over the specifics, followed by 15 minutes of time where you can ask any questions. Need more time? Don't worry! You can always 
schedule more time.