Virtual Design Assistance

We've recruited our top florists to help you with proposals so you can spend more time in other areas of your business!

Get started with our Virtual Design Assistant. Simply tell us a bit about your event, and we'll do the heavy lifting.

At Details Flowers, we are ALWAYS searching for and implementing new strategies to achieve three very important goals:

  1. Lighten your load as business owners/designer
  2. Give you more of your time back
  3. Make you more profitable

The Virtual Design Assistant Program can do that and more!

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As designers and business owners, your list of to-do’s is never quite complete. From accounting to employee management, meeting with potential clients and networking in your community to the actual hands-on design time, there is very little to spare. Let’s not forget that most of us have a family at home that is vying for that time as well.

The key is deciphering which of those tasks can be delegated. We completely understand how difficult it is to hand off those tasks, but once you’ve taken the step, it’s makes a world of difference. You can finally start to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Maybe it’s something small like turning over your social media to an employee or finally hiring that bookkeeper.  

At Details, we have taken note of a new shift in the creative sector. Busy creatives are now hiring virtual assistants to do a myriad of jobs to help them succeed. We saw the same pain points for our clients and realized that our platform was a perfect pairing with a virtual assistant... A virtual DESIGN assistant.