Introducing Details 3.0... Expect to be impressed!  

You've found your way here because you are a designer looking for a solution to your everyday pains. We know them all!  Drafting proposals (ugh!), collecting payments (ewww!), weekly orders (please stop!), stem counting (no thank you!) and creating timelines (need I say more!?).  We know how overwhelming the back-end business of floristry can be-- not as glamorous as setting the designs, being creative or swooning over the gorgeousness you are being praised for.  On top of it all, you need to make sure your profitable. Sound about right?

Are you ready to change your flower-loving life? Well, get ready for Details!  The highlight video below (only 16 minutes!) is packed full of flower goodness and will offer you a complete overview of our current features in Details 3.0 to help your busy floral studio thrive. Our collective team of designers, programmers, and brand ambassadors have been crafting these specialty features and talking thru next steps-- and we're not done yet! Our promise to you is that when you join our team, we will work each day to make Details the best and only tool for professional event florists.

We invite you to grab a favorite beverage and snack, sit back, watch our video, and then sign up for a free trial with us. You'll be so excited to get started once you see all the features-- so don't delay on jumping in!

We welcome you to Team Details... Pull up a chair and let's be friends! 

View the New Feature Instruction Guide & Short Video