See what our customers have to say about our time-saving, smart floral & event design software: 

  • "I love, love, love this program! In the year or so since I've been using it, my profit margin has gone up, up, up!! No more pricing guesswork, no mistakes with math and it's a huge time saver from the way I was creating estimates back in the dark ages! Count me as a big fan!" -- Beth Hohensee, AIFD, Studio Flora DIva, Inc

  • "Details Flowers has been the best investment that our company could have made! It has allowed us to take on more events while being more organized in the details, more accurate in ordering (which has saved us time and money), and streamlined our overall process!" -- Katherine Herrman, Thistlebee the Florist

  • "Details is amazing! It has completely streamlined my business. My brides love the gorgeous proposals and the detailed breakdown they receive. I'm sure it puts their mind at ease, seeing such a clear understanding of what their vision is!" -- Sara Quintana, Sweet Stems Florist

  • "I absolutely love working with Details Flowers! It makes creating proposals and ordering SO easy! Plus it's reduced how often we go over budget, which is a huge plus! We are constantly getting compliments on the layout and overall look of the proposals." --Jessi Owens, Urban Poppy Weddings + Events

  • "Details has become an asset in making our proposals stand out with potential clients. Being able to log-in and see updates, refer to the inspiration board and check recipes for pulling product, everything has been made easier! I'm very glad we've chosen to use Details Flowers!" Carolyn Minutillo, AIFD, Lavender Hill 

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  • "I love Details Flowers! My prospective clients are always thrilled with their proposals and my bookings have increased dramatically since I started using this service. I also love that at the end of the process, my flower order is already done!" -- Candice Howard, Duchess Florals
  • "We can't say enough about Details! The organization of the proposal breakdown is so helpful for our clients to understand the specific blooms, and the note we can write in the recipe helps the image come to life!" -- Ian Prosser, Botanical International

  • "Details Flowers was a game changer for me! The style & design of the proposal sells me over my competitors almost every time! When I send a proposal to my corporate clients, they swoon!" -- Sabrina Renteria, Vivienne & Vine Floral Design 

  • "Some systems take time to notice a difference, but it was an immediate difference using Details compared to scrolling through my emails, juggling word documents, and my calender. Details is truly everything in one system!" -- Alyssa Ferguson, Flerology Designs

  • "I have been using Details Flowers for a little over a year and I can say that I have not only been able to work more efficiently, but I have seen a huge increase in my bookings because of the colorful & beautiful presentation! Another benefit? I've seen a large increase in sales!" -- Heather Manley, Heather Christian Designs LLC

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  • "Details makes me look great to my customers! They are impressed with the program features, such as the resources section with the pictures of blooms. They can also choose their designs during their consultation. I had a large university say it was the most professional proposal they have ever received from a florist, and of course, they booked us!" -- Angela Drouillard, La Petite Fleur

  • What's not to love? This program has cut my invoicing time by at least 75% I love the many different tools that are available to florists. My overall presentation is just gorgeous! I really could rave about this all day!" -- Amanda Polatty, Simply Weddings by Amanda

  • "I love Details Flowers because it truly helps with the booking process. I am able to have a consultation with our couples and at the end of it all, I am able to provide them with a professional proposal on the spot. I love Details Flowers Software!" -- Julie Gennaro, Lowe and Behold

  • "Someone finally took the time to help all of us Floral Designers and bring us into the new age! I have been in the industry for a long time. I came across Details Flowers and have nothing but good things to say about it!" -- Jennifer Getto, Simply Glamorous Floral and Events

  • "Details has really changed the way I do business. I am more efficient and organized than ever before! I recommend the program to everyone I know in the industry. Thank you so much for making my life easier!" -- Stella Embleton, Sixpence Floral Design

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